Sustainable - capable
of being continued with minimal long-term effect
on the environment.

Attorney - a counselor,
advocate, and advisor.

Join me at WasteCap Nebraska’s 2012 Sustainability Summit and 20th Anniversary Celebration

September 18, 2012

If every business should “go green”, why are so few managing to do so? Because implementing sustainability can be brutally difficult.  Yet, if we take no action, climate change will affect our lives and livelihoods like no other threat we have seen in generations, if ever.  Find out how you and your business can effect change at the 2012 Sustainability Summit.

Auden Schendler, Vice President of Sustainability at Aspen Skiing Company, shares his stories from the “front lines of the sustainability revolution” and inspires others to get realistic about what it takes to change and how important it is to act now.  Local business leaders will also share their practical experience during six breakout sessions.  Presenters include Energy Pioneer Solutions, RDG Planning & Design, Verdis Group, iReuse, the minnow PROJECT, HDR, A Greener Solution, EcoCycle, and more.

The Summit is in Lincoln on October 10th at the University of Nebraska Lincoln’s East Campus.  WasteCap Nebraska’s 20th Anniversary and Sustainable Business Awards Luncheon is from 11:30 am-1:00 pm.  For the full schedule of events, to find out more about speakers, and to register, please go to  I hope to see you there.



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